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RightNow Media.
It's like Netflix for
spiritual growth.

We offer our Planted Members and attendees free access to RightNow Media, an online church video library. Essentially, it’s a Netflix for Bible studies with videos for kids, students, singles, parents and married couples by teachers like Mark Batterson, Matt Chandler, Priscilla Shirer and many more. All the content can be accessed from a phone, tablet, computer or television.

It costs you nothing to use, but it will mean everything to you when you do. Here's why...

Imagine eating one meal a week. Imagine how great you'd feel after the meal was over, and yet how weak you'd be even before the week was half over! We weren't made to live on one meal a week physically or spiritually, but when we come to church on Sunday and hear one message without ever developing the daily discipline of feeding ourselves, we're in essence living on one spiritual meal a week. And that will make us (here it comes) weak.

One of the greatest joys we can experience as a family of faith is seeing our planted members begin to grow by nourishing their faith throughout the week. You'll be amazed at how much stronger you'll be in your faith when you begin to feed yourself.